Your choice (engl) | Good Omens | Adam Young & Warlock Dowling


Adam was in the living room, going over his presentation one last time before he had to hold it tomorrow, when he heard Warlock's voice from the bedroom.

"ADAM!" He sounded panicked, which wasn't new.

Warlock tended to have nightmares, thanks to his big fuck up that was his father.

Adam rose from his place and went to the bedroom.

"What is it?" he asked gently, after he had opened the door.

Warlock was huddled under his blanket, barely visible.

"Promise me not to laugh," came his soft voice from under the duvet.

"I'd never do that," Adam swore.

"Could you check under our bed for monsters? I think I heard something."

Adam blinked for a second, baffled, before a small smile crept on his face.

"There's no monster under our bed. 's just Crowley. He had a fight with Aziraphale and he's feeling a bit snakeish right now. Sorry I forgot to tell you when you came home earlier."

Warlock came out from under the duvet and angled himself so that his upper body and head were dangling from the bed and he could look under it. He reached out, trying to pet the big black serpent.

"'m sorry Nanny," he spoke softly, while Crowley nuzzled Warlock's palm with his snout. "I hope you and angel will be okay soon. Wanna cuddle?"

When Crowley slithered up to Warlock and made himself comfortable, Adam left them on their own. He knew that Warlock's cuddles were the best and he had gotten the impression that it really had been a tough fight between the angel and the demon. Usually Crowley would drive around with the Bentley and come home to Aziraphale a few hours later.

But today he came to them, entered the flat without a word after Adam had opened the door to him, had turned himself into a snake and hid himself under the bed.

When Adam sat back down on the sofa, he grabbed his mobile and texted Aziraphale.

//Crowley's fine, cuddling with Warlock now. He'll probably come home tomorrow.//

Aziraphale texted back two "thumb up" emojis and Adam settled back into his presentation.

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