Personal Assistant (engl) | Barty Crouch jr & Regulus Black


It took Barty a while to get an invitation for a job interview.

The last job hadn't ended well and he 'had made a mistake'. It hadn't been his mistake, but he was the newest to the company and therefore the easiest target, so fuck them!

Still at this point, he had sent application after application and no one had responded.

Barty had started to lose his faith until recently when he came home after two more embarrassing interviews, to find an invitation from Black - Industries for an job interview. They dealt with old artefacts, sent them around the world and their CO needed a new personal assistant.

Well, Barty had thought, it was better than nothing, even when he didn't apply for the job.

The invitation was signed by a Claire Jonsson, whom he never had heard of before but if he could get a decent job he might be able to stay in his small flat and have a normal life.

He called the company and agreed on an interview the next day.

Barty put on his best suit and styled his hair a bit. He wanted to make a good first impression, wanted his new boss to like him. He needed this damn job and yes, he was a little bit desperate! He knew the Black's, had been in the same year with Regulus ... he'd never liked him. In school, the guy had been an unbearable brat!

Barty was greeted by a young woman, who was highly pregnant. As she was almost due, he would take her job, as long as Mr Black agreed to it.

She showed him around, explained the responsibilities of the job, a good portion of which was to make Mr. Black feel safe and supported. He would answer calls and emails, go over important letters and presentations.

He did all this before and he was good at it, perhaps even great at it.

"Mr. Crouch? Mr. Black will see you now." The young woman said and Barty followed her into a large office.

As he walked through the doors, he suppressed the urge to roll his eyes. Of course, this bastard had the best view over London, with his office on one of the top floors. Mr Black sat behind an old dark oakwood desk, looking at a computer screen and reading something. His dark hair was pushed back, of his face and it was cut a little shorter since school. He was sporting an unfamiliar beard.

Barty swallowed.

"Mr. Black, let me introduce Mr. Crouch to you? He applied for the job as your assistant." Which was a big lie!

Mr Black sighed. "I don't need another PA, Claire. I have you!" He didn't even look up from the screen. "And we went to the same school. So no need to introduce him."

Claire laughed. "You know, Mr. Black. I am leaving in two days to have my baby and I can't bear to leave you on your own. I'm sure you'll agree with me that Mr. Crouch is the best candidate for this position."

She slammed a folder on his desk, which made Mr. Black finally raise his eyes from the screen, to look at her. "Give him a fucking chance!" she whispered, loud enough for Barty to hear. Barty felt the heat rising in his cheeks. Call him impressed.

Claire pointed at one of the chairs in front of the desk. "Take a seat, Mr. Crouch." Barty sat.

"Any tea or coffee for you?" She asked Barty, who shook his head.

"No ... no, thank you, Miss ... Claire! I'm good, all fine, thank you!"

"I'll leave you two to it then." Claire gave him a small smile before she turned to her boss. "Be nice!"

Barty gaped at her. He had never seen someone act like that with their superior. He would have been scared shitless to behave that way. But Claire didn't seem to think agree and Mr. Black hadn't responded negatively in return.

She left the office, leaving them alone.

Black took the folder Claire had slammed on the desk, opened it and started to read. Suddenly Barty had a feeling that he wouldn't get the job. It seemed out of question.

He was sitting in front of Regulus 'fucking' Black. They had hated each other at school ... okay, 'hate' was a very strong word. They hadn't liked each other very well.

"So, Crouch ..." Black finally said and raised his head above the folder. "Claire thinks you'd be a good replacement for her, but I am not sure about that yet. I heard what happened at your last job ... you got yourself some kind of reputation there. Do you have anything to say in your defence?"

Barty looked down at his folded hands. It was rude to talk about his old bosses' issues, but he was tired of being accused that it was his mistake.

"I'm in no position to answer that question without condemning my former superiors. All I can say is that they made a mistake, I pointed it out to them, and they ignored it. When it became a problem, I was the one on the bottom of the career ladder, so I had to go."

"They destroyed your reputation, told everyone not to take you in. That you'd be untenable and you're trying to tell me that you're not angry at them?"

Barty laughed quietly. "Of course I am angry! But it doesn't do any good. I could have fought them in court, sure. But for what? Being able to work at a company I didn't want to work for any longer. A company that would kick me out? I love what I do Mr. Black and I am good at what I do. But I won't cringe ... not for you, not for anyone. Either you take me as your PA or you don't. No harm taken if you don't want me, but don't waste my time."

Black raised an eyebrow at his words and folded his hands in front of him. "Well, Claire said you'd be the best to take over her position and I'm inclined to believe her but to be clear, this is temporary. As soon as Claire is back you'll have to go. If you're good with that, you can start tomorrow and let Claire show you everything before she goes on leave."

Barty sighed. It was the best opportunity he had received over the last weeks so he nodded. He would need to keep searching for a permanent position somewhere else.

But for now, he was fine with temp work.

"When do I start?" he asked.

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