Only a cold (engl) | Good Omens | Adam Young & Warlock Dowling


To say that Warlock was furious was the understatement of the century.
It had been days since he last had heard something from Adam. They'd been on a date. At least that's what Adam had called it. He had taken Warlock to dinner and the cinema afterwards. Of course, they'd spent the night together again and Warlock has had the feeling they were getting into something serious.
Adam had left his flat the next morning with the promise to text him later that afternoon.
That had been days ago.

Now he was standing in front of Adam's dorm room, the other students eyeing him suspiciously because he has never been here before and he had been staring at Adam's door for at least ten minutes.
Finally, Warlock raised his hand and knocked. He heard nothing but knew from one of Adam's fellow students that he must be at home. He hadn't seen him all day. (Yes, he had tracked down the poor bastard with Lydia's help. He had remembered him being at his party when he had met Adam.)
Warlock knocked a second and a third time, and nothing happened. He was about to lose his patience.
They were adults, for fuck's sake! If Adam suddenly didn't feel the same for him anymore, he could fucking tell him. Yes, Warlock would be disappointed. Yes, he would probably be hurt! But he could fucking take it!
Instead this asshole had decided to ignore him completely and that, THAT, hurt even more.
Warlock pounded on the door now, promising himself that he wouldn't stop until Adam opened the fucking door and talked to him.
It took another few minutes until the door was yanked open and Warlock was confronted with Adam. Who looked like shit.
Warlock blinked at him and all Adam did was groan, turn around and walk back to his room, abandoning Warlock by the door.

Warlock stood there, surprised, but he recovered fast and followed his lover into the flat. He closed the door behind him and placed his bag and coat next to it. Warlock tiptoed through the messy living area to the open room door.
Adam was sprawled over his bed, arm dangling over the edge, tissues lying on the floor. The room stank.

"Good Lord, Adam!" he exclaimed. "What the hell happened?"

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