Free Fall (engl) | Marvel | Clint Barton & Bucky Barnes


Bucky had never seen Clint train. The doors to the gym were always closed and locked. Bucky had tried to override them more than once, but Friday had always kept him out.
Today he'd tried a new approach because he had always been a nosy shit. Steve had always rolled his eyes back in the days and sighed loudly. Especially when Bucky had found something that had woken his interest.

So he had decided to take the way through the vents and was now sitting above the Avengers-Gym and waited for the right moment to slip down.
As soon as he heard the music start, he opened one of the overhead lights and slipped down. He landed quietly on his feet, his back to the room and what he saw when he turned around took his breath away. It was absolutely not what he had been expecting to see. Not. At. All!
Bucky had imagined a huge shooting range, where Clint would test all his new equipment: guns, bows, arrows, whatever strikes his fancy and to improve his skills.

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