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Bei den hier veröffentlichten Projekten verdiene ich kein Geld!
Die Charaktere gehören nicht mir, sondern den jeweiligen Erfindern der Bücher/Games/Filme! Ich habe keine Rechte an den jeweiligen Charakteren/Stories!
Die Stories dienen lediglich der Unterhaltung!


It had been one of the worst days that Aziraphale had to endure in his life so far.
During the last year both his parents had died. First his father, due to a severe illness, than his mother because of her broken heart. The whole kingdom had mourned the loss of their beloved monarchs, but it had...

To say that Warlock was furious was the understatement of the century.
It had been days since he last had heard something from Adam. They'd been on a date. At least that's what Adam had called it. He had taken Warlock to dinner and the cinema afterwards. Of course, they'd spent the night together again and Warlock...